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Sadhana Nitro Chem. Ltd Profile

Sadhana Nitro Chem Ltd. (SNCL) was established in 1973 by founder Chairman Mr. D.T. Javeri with the primary objective of producing high quality chemical intermediaries.

With a modest 12000 TPA plant set up in a factory at Roha, 135 kms from Mumbai, SNCL commenced its operations with the production of Nitrobenzene, a heavy organic chemical utilizing the pump nitration technology of AB Chematur, a division of Nobel Industries, Sweden.

Along with its factory in Roha, SNCL set up its own government approved Research & Development laboratory housing sophisticated instruments and equipment to carry out developmental work on various downstream derivatives. Some of the intermediates developed in the R & D Laboratory have been commercialized and many are in the developmental stage.

In 1979 the company diversified into the manufacture of downstream products based on nitrobenzene viz., Metanilic Acid and Sodium Meta Nitrobenzene Sulphonate. SNCL has also set up projects for the manufacture of 3,3 Dinitro Diphenyl Sulphone, Aniline 2,5 Disulphonic acid, Aniline 2,4 Disulphonic acid.

In 1995 SNCL commissioned a 500 TPA plant to manufacture Meta Amino Phenol. This project was set up in technical collaboration with Biazzi S.A., Switzerland.

In the year 2000 a new 500 TPA plant to produce Butane Tetra 1,2,3,4 Carboxylic Acid was commissioned.

In 2002-2003, the capacity of the Meta Amino Phenol plant was enhanced to 1500 TPY.

In 2005, a plant to manufacture colour formers - performance chemicals for paper industry was commissioned. SNCL has also commissioned the first phase of its multi-purpose plant, which caters to the need-based seasonal chemical intermediate requirements of its multinational clients. The plant houses reactors, distillation columns and adequate balancing equipments, and the whole plant is flameproof. Commensurate with the upgraded requirements of its multinational customers, the multipurpose plant will be augmented with additional balancing equipments in the second phase and commercialized.

The transition of product line, with reliance on its well-equipped quality control laboratory has been the motivating force in sustaining growth and export, competing with giants in the international market, satisfying highly discerning and quality conscious clients and multinationals spread across the world.