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SNCL Products
Chemical Name Empirical Formula Structural Diagram Key Application
C6H5NO2 Nitro Benzene Used in the manufacture of Aniline, Dyes, Pharamceuticals & Agrochemicals
3,3 Dinitro Diphenyl Sulphone
C12H8N2O6S 3,3 Dinitro Diphenyl Sulphone Used in epoxy resin hardener
Metanilic Acid
C6H7NO3S Metanilic Acid Dye Intermediate used in the manufacture of Azo Dyes, Direct Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Flourescent brightening agent.
Aniline 2,5 Disulfonic Acid
C6H7NO6S2 Aniline 2,5-Disulphonic Acid Intermediate used in the manufacture of Optical Brightening Agents & Dyes
Aniline 2,4 Disulfonic Acid
C6H7NO6S2 Aniline 2,4-Disulphonic Acid Manufacture of Dyes
Meta amino Phenol
C6H7NO Meta Amino Phenol Color Formers, Dyes, Leather Dyes, Hair Dyes, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceutical & M-Fibers
Butane 1,2,3,4 Tetra Carboxylic Acid
C8H10O8 1,2,3,4 – Butane Tetra Carboxylic Acid Light Stabilizer
Dibutyl Keto Acid
C22H27NO4 Dibutyl Keto Acid  
Diethyl Keto Acid
C18H19NO4 Diethyl Keto Acid  

3,3 Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone
C12H12N2O2S 3,3 Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone  
Sodium Meta Nitrobenzene Sulphonate
C6H4NO5SNa Sodium Meta Nitrobenzene Sulphonate Used as a mild oxidising agent in textile printing of clothes and also in electro plating industries, and dyes.
(Colour Formers)
SND-9 (ODB-1)
SND-27 (ODB-2)
  Color formers
N,N Diethyl Meta Amino Phenol
C10H15NO N,N Diethyl Meta Amino Phenol Dyes & Color formers

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